Hello and welcome to another adventure in the life of a 'technically challenged mature aged university student'!

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide future teachers with a variety of 'Five Minute Fillers'. Before that i thought i would just give you a brief run down of 'who is Kerri?".
I am a happily married (to the most wonderful man in the world) mother of 3 children. I have a 14 (going on 21) year old daughter, a 12 year old son and a 10 year old son who are all just beautiful. MMM, i possibly am a little bias. I am a hairdresser by trade, however have wanted to fulfill my passion of becoming a teacher for quite some time. In 2007, after admitting the painful fact that my children are all growing up, i commenced the Bachelor degree at a local University and i have to admit, i have not looked back since. University life is hectic with a family, a business, a house to run and attempting to fit in a bit of a social life, but so far so good.
In my spare time (ha ha) i work with a small group of friends, who together, we are building an orphanage in Zimbabwe. You would think that raising funds in the current financial circumstances would be difficult, however to date we have built 3 houses will will be home to 24 beautiful African children who have been left to fight for themselves. Each home will have a 'house mother' and 8 children that will have the ability to call this 'my family'. Who knows one day i might be teaching the youth in Zimbabwe!
So keep an eye out for future posts that will include a range of activities that you can use in the classroom to 'fill in' those spare 5 minutes. Feel free to add your ideas and together we can create a handy resources for all to share.
Chat soon,